Family Tree with live tiles

Family Tree with live tiles

Create Family Tree with tiles similar to Windows tiles

We have created a Code demo that demonstrates how to add tiles functionality in BALKAN FamilyTreeJS. The demo is for developers with hard-core codding experience, if you are new to Family Tree JS we would suggest you to start with a simple implementation Getting Started.

What is tile?

Tablet-style (Metro) icons on Windows Phone and Windows, starting with Windows 8, that continuously pull information in real time from social networks, messaging systems, the Internet and local content. In case of Family Tree, tiles helps you to optimize the space in node boxes and add more text data to it.

Features in the demo

  • you can export with or without photos to PDF document using the hamburger menu at the top right corner
  • family members with more then 3 partners are using 'large' template
  • family members without children and partners are set to 'small' template
  • tiles are random with opacity or transition effect

If you like how Family Tree JS looks like with tiles feel free to copy the code form the demo below and paste it in your project.

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Tell if you have any question in the comments below.



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